Two face real name

two face real name

"CALL ME BY MY REAL NAME BATMAN!!! THREE FACE!!!" .. So, without the coin, Two Face becomes a Judge. Two - Face. profile twoface. General Information. Real name: Harvey Dent Two - Face flips the coin at critical junctures: The scarred side would usually  ‎ Sal Maroni · ‎ Two-Face (Aaron Eckhart) · ‎ Two-Face (Arkhamverse) · ‎ Coin. The incident drove Harvey insane and he became Two - Face, obsessed with Born and raised in Gotham, Harvey Dent was brought up in a  Real Name ‎: ‎Harvey Dent. Nintendo's newest title delivers on tone and fleeting fun, but struggles to sink its hooks in. In the Elseworlds story Batman: The intention was originally for this version of the character to return as Two-Face in sequels, but this never panned out. Billy Dee Williams Batman Richard Moll Stimme Tommy Lee Jones Batman Forever Aaron Eckhart The Dark Knight Harvey Dent, der ehemalige Bezirksstaatsanwalt von Gotham und guter Freund von Bruce Wayne, wurde durch einen Vorfall halbseitig entstellt und ist seitdem, unter dem Namen Two-Face , einer der brutalsten und bekanntesten Widersacher des dunklen Ritters. Two-Face appears as a villain in the opening level of the game and you can also track down and defeat him in Gotham City. He demands that Batman calls him One-face, and almost kills Batman. He uses his knowledge of the legal system to secure the release of the Joker , as well as to avoid prosecution for the murder of Elliot. Sign In Don't have an account? After being horribly disfigured by one of Gotham's most notorious criminals, Harvey Dent becomes the psychotic "Two-Face. Black Mask Joe Chill Carmine Falcone Sal Maroni Lew Moxon Rupert Thorne Tony Zucco. Gotham Central Around the time of the earthquake in Gotham, Two-Face becomes acquainted with Renee Montoya. Well, stranger things have happened.

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The Death of Rachael, and the birth of Two-Face Build your own jeopardy Action Batman s series Birds of Prey Gotham. Masque In this pastiche with derby bremen hamburg Phantom of the OperaTwo-Face plays the role casino royale kritik the titular Phantom. Two-Face is shown to be completely dependent, and is unable online kostenlos poker even decide to go skatregeln the bathroom before sorting through the cards. Bereits während mit apps gutscheine verdienen Niemandsland-Zeit verliebte Https:// sich in die Polizistin Renee Montoya, eine Liebe, die unerwidert As one of Batman's most recognizable popular opponents, Two-Face appears book of ra free spiele numerous comics which are not considered part of the regular DC continuity, including:. However, he did end up getting his coin back, and also showed a rare case of giving a different fate than the coin foretold: The character only made three appearances in the s, and appeared twice in the s not counting the impostors mentioned below. Weird Tony Hendra, one of Harvey Dent's last cases as District Attorney. In The Batman Adventures , which is set in the continuity of Batman: Knight Terrors For more information see: When this is apparently done, he turns on his erstwhile allies.


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